Acpid not installed but most events are working

Hi - got a new laptop, installed Endeavour first thing and then went to troubleshoot the power button not getting picked up. It appears acpid is not installed. Does Endeavour use some other system? Seems like other events like lid close and volume keys are working, so I’m curious what’s doing that if not acpid, and whether it will conflict with acpid if I install it since the Arch wiki acpid page warns of this. I’m running XFCE.

As far as I know systemd-logind can be a replacement for acpid, if that’s what you are looking for.

Yes, I think you’re right. Also, I just noticed that it is in fact picking up the power button event, but I have to press it for about 1 second for that to happen, which is fine.

So if logind is doing all this, any reason to install acpid? I’m thinking no.

I am not sure, I think I never had acpid on systems with systemd. For me logind was enough. Also, some DEs provide their own power management, which sometimes override/inhibit the settings for the events handled by logind.

This is a feature on some laptops. Especially the ones where the power-button is in-line with other keyboard buttons. That’s the case on my machine, and I was concerned before buying it that I would accidentally press the power button intsead of the Del key which is nearby. Was so happy to see the button press was only acted upon after a delay.
This is however not an EOS dependent behaviour.