Acer Aspire Initial Ramdisk Error

The firmware has a bug where you cannot see the internal SATA storage after first booting up. At boot, the bootloader can see the internal storage but the initial ramdisk is unable to see it due to this bug.

The only known solution to this is suspending and waking it up.

Add an early custom hook to put the laptop to sleep before the step to mount the filesystems:

As You can See This Website clearly Shows How to fix it . So Anyone can Guide Me to Get These Hooks Work

Yes, it seems so.

Follow the instructions in the page you have linked to. It is outlined in detail what to do.

Or is it something else you need help with?

This is just a guess, but it could be that he needs help applying the fix for dracut (assuming that he is using dracut, of course). The solution in the arch wiki applies to mkinitcpio.

Right, I forgot sometimes EnOS uses dracut by default, being on Arch-mkinitcpio myself.

You would do it pretty much exactly the same way you did it on Garuda Linux a week and a half ago.


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