Accidental trashing

So i did a very big oopsie, i accidentally deleted a few to me important folders (specifically via lutris as i deleted an entry)
its not in the trash so i would guess these files cant be recovered?

have you tried photorec (its not for just photos)

here is a link

im afraid i dont know how to use it

You’ve got nothing to lose

i once managed to delete a drive that wasnt part of a backup in the process of restoring it so im not to sure about that

Recovering deleted files may be very tricky, and the results can’t be guaranteed.
I’d suggest you find a local professional who does this kind of work for a living.

To be prepared for such accidents in future, please make sure you have a working backup system for your personal data.

For example, copy your personal data to (preferably many) external disks. And make backing up a habit.
If you use many external disks for backup, then you might consider numbering the disks, and use them each time in the numbered order. Like today’s backup into number 1, tomorrow’s backup into number 2, etc.


to add to that photosec seems to recover all files jumbled in recup folders so not an option to do, unless one is able to have the filed recover into the same folders they where before

to put it mildly, id rather not have some random techwiz fiddle with my pc, god knows what they are really doing

i do not have the resources for something like this

there has to be a way to recover at least one of these folders into the state it was before right? the others arent that important but if i could get one of them back that would be plenty enough already

well, i opted to using photosec, it may have recovered the files in a jumbled order but at least i have a lot of them back,

tho of course a lot of them have to be weeded through as it recovered more than intended

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Dear AmandaONeill,

I did something even worse: I deleted my entire Documents folder (which has important items, some dating back over a decade).

Here is what I did formerly: I back up my folders/files onto four (4) external hard drives (encrypted) which I keep in my house. I do this several times a week or even more frequently, depending upon what I have saved.

In addition, every three months, I back up those hard drives to another external hard drive which I keep in the safe deposit box at my local bank.

And boy am I glad I did that!

When I backed up, say just the Documents folder, to my drives at home, I would delete the old Documents folder on those drives and copy the one on my computer to them (all four at the same time).

Big mistake.

While I had just started copying the Documents folder, I went into the Desktop which contained the Documents folder on my computer, accidentally used the wrong command, and immediately deleted the Documents on my computer (before most of it had been copied to the drives) and + POOF + there went everything!

In a panic, I went here on the forum and asked for advice which i got. Unfortunately nothing worked.

I tried Photorec with little or no luck. I took the computer to a professional and again had no luck (at least that cost only $39.00 because he could not recover my files).

FORTUNATELY I had the drive in the safe deposit box and I was able to copy the Documents folder on that to my computer, losing only a couple of months worth of documents - and fortunately I was able to recreate those missing documents (for the most part) from “memory” or looking up online what I had saved previously. (This fortunately happened with only one main folder - Documents - and not any of the others, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.)

But I sure learned a lesson. When I copy any of my folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.) to my drives, I do not delete the folders on the drives prior to the backing up. I rename them (a, b, c, d, etc.) and only delete those renamed folders AFTER the backup is complete.

So what I would recommend to you is to back up all of your data to at least one (preferably more than one just in case one fails) external drive PLUS another external drive which you keep in a safe place (a bank’s safe deposit box is a good place but you may have other safe places in which you have confidence).

That way, the chances of your losing data in the future will be greatly minimized.

I do wish you the very best of luck in recovering your data and I hope that my suggestion will be of some interest to you.

All the best,


P.S. I personally do not trust backing up to the “cloud” and I don’t do that but your opinion may differ.

I know I am late to the party, BUT, go to Walmart and buy a 1gb druve for about $60.
Then open the program in the menu
and for the new drive as Ext4 as timeshift only works with Linux FS’s.
Install timeshift and and make the backup point to the new drive.

Install cronie

I use a cron job:

as root
crontab -e
0 0 * * 1,3,5 timeshift --create.

I don’t use scheduled backups in timeshift.

in timeshift go to Settings > Filters and I check save everything that to ensure that you home folder is saved in its entirety.
Create a backup and check.
Timeshift has saved my butt a few times.
Here’s my /etc/fstab for my WD drive yours will obvously be different.

UUID=b31018d2-d050-49e1-bfb2-09d371c19e62 /mnt/Western ext4 defaults 0 0