Accessible Installer for EndeavourOS?

Arch is very good system. Installer is tedious to use for many. EndeavourOS fixes that with a wonderful GUI installer.

Perfect - for most.

There are blind people especially those that use espeak-ng or speechd-up because it works so well.,

Is there an Arch installer that has scripts to make installation easier by configuring language, locales, software choices?

Debian with it’s text installer is near perfect, but then there’s the Debian “free” thing, no multimedia codecs, not even firefox because of the graphic isn’t licensed the way they want, and most of all, no drivers for modern systems. Notebook users can’t use WiFi because the drivers are “non-free”.

There is the non-free installation DVD, but when you take all the steps you need to take to have Debian work - making a special /etc/sources.list file with all the extra repositories you need. It gets complicated for many.

Arch is perfect but the installer is tedious. Imagine listening to a podcast telling you the steps and having blindness and also attention deficit disorder. It’s a nightmare.

Any suggestions?



I think that is stil dome text installers. But i dont know much lol…

I believe zen-installer i should play a bit
.or they do extra package for people witj disability i dont know

Maybe would help?

Maybe try this: ?

I have no idea how text reading software works but archfi does tick off a few of the boxes you are looking for.

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parabola has a personalized version called talking parabola