About the Filipino category

Over here you can post issues and chit-chat in Philipino.

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Hi, I’m from the Philippines and I’m assuming this sub is for our language? If so, I really appreciate it that this lovely community has included it :heart:. It makes feel proud somehow to have my language in an international linux community.

However, may I suggest a correction? :sweat_smile: Although I mainly speak a different Philippine language (there are plenty LOL), there is this national language we have that basically most of us can understand and I think that’s what you’re referring to. The language is called Filipino (not be confused with our nationality which is also Filipino/Pilipino xD) and spelled as such.

That’s all! Just a tiny nitpick, but mostly I wanna say thank you for taking the time to add this. If there’s any way I can contribute by translating the wiki, the calamares installer, etc., please let me know (although, I feel like I’m not qualified to provide top-tier translations and currently in college, I would still love to help out) . Cheers!

Anw hello sa mga pinoy dyan HAHAHAHAHA.