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Why BSPWM when i3wm already exists? :slight_smile:

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Not to be confused with, why a VW Beetle when there is already a Ferrari Testarossa.
grafik grafik



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Easy - bspwm is way less rigid than i3.
Sure i3 is fully usable - and to each their own ofc. I used i3 for a couple of years myself but everything is more intuitive in bspwm.

say you have 2 windows open now you want to put the next one top left in i3

need I say more?

edit: if you dig i3 why not sway? From what I hear it’s fully functional now

I’ve just finished this night a couple of wallpapers for Garuda *BSPWM, I’ll test it out on occasion. :slight_smile:
*coming soon :wink:

I’m waiting in excitment