About CTemplar's rep

All right,

I found about CTemplar email provider, they claim they are the ‘most secure’ yada yada stuff, I have known for a while that they existed, but never paid much attention.

So, I am reading a bunch of bad rep abut them, most interesting is that they are a front for the infamous 3letter guys.

I am usually not a conspiracy they-are-all-trying-to-get-me sort of person, but some of these naysayers seem really concerned with it.

Should I stay away from it?


If you have ANY doubt, then avoid it and go about your business.

Sure hope this Topic doesn’t go off the rails.


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The domain name reminds on security news about Ransomware:



But i do not say it is connected but a start to search for it …

There are thousands of “Three letter guys” out there, and spelling it out is not against the law, nor do I suspect they will send men in black after you! :female_detective: :male_detective: so: Who are you talking about, and what exactly is your fear? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh my!! Poor horsies! :cry: Oh, wait a minute, it’s Horse liker (Bad grammar), I read Horse killer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Silly me!

A soldier on the run is good for another war ...


Soldado que huye sirve para otra guerra ...

It is funny, I can’t find the video where I saw it, I did not bookmark it, one of the linux guys on YT, the privacy guy or the switched to linux guy, I’m bad with names sorry, mentioned that ctemplar might be a front for the CIA, sort of a honeypot.

Ii is not like I am afraid, but I want to use it to handle my financials exclusively, so I am not keen on agencies peeking.

I did the same.