Abnormaly high cpu usage even with no apps launched

top - 23:31:23 up 4 min, 1 user, load average: 1.24, 0.82, 0.36
Tasks: 219 total, 1 running, 218 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie

The above mentioned is from top load average so high. is it normal or to be fixed.

The output from top or htop should also tell you which processes are consuming your CPU. Without that info, we would just be guessing.

Also, your system has only been up 4 min so you probably had some startup tasks that would impact your load averages.

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Thanks that helped after sometime cpu usage went to normal.

some tips to avoid high cpu usage and system freeze. please.

Don’t run applications which consume lots of CPU?

Seriously though, you need to look at top/htop or some other resource monitor when your CPU usage is high and see what it causing it.

Also keep in mind that load is not just CPU usage - it is also influenced by disk activity (e.g. iowait). For example, if you have something like Syncthing or Baloo running on startup then load on login will be high while the disk is being scanned.

These three numbers are a one-minute, five-minute, and fifteen-minute average. High one-minute load averages are to be expected as e.g. applications run. High fifteen-minute averages (up to and exceeding the number of CPU cores) could be cause for concern, or just your system is doing something (like playing a game or compiling software).


Since we have no info about what process were using CPU, I am only guessing. This has happened two times with me. Both times it was xorg that used CPU, although the root cause was different. First time, it was the Gtk theme I used, that for some reason spiked CPU usage. Changing it fixed the issue. Second time, it was a certain setting in my compositor config that caused it.

Again, only a guess :slightly_smiling_face:
You can see which process are using CPU when you open top or htop.

use htop. Check the CPU % and see which service/app is higher than 90%. Kill the task using pkill or f9 (Not sure if it’s f9, check the bottom to see the commands)

if you have a multi-core cpu, that load is not much. 1.24 means one core and 0.24 of another core are being fully utilized. for a 4-core cpu that would mean you still have 2 cores and 76% of a core still free. for system startup i’d say that is not only normal, but also not very taxing on the CPU. if you only have two cores, that could be a slight problem.

I had the same issue. My laptop was running in the software rendering session. On the login screen, select a regular session without the software rendering.

I was already on the session one without software rendering