A warm welcome to someone who isn't new

If i remember correctly, I have seen you in the MX Linux forum. I think you made a educational spin for your young son, sometime in the past. If yes, or even otherwise welcome to the forum.

Ah, manyroads joined the forum on March 16, 1920 make that 2020. :confounded:

1920. To me that seems like yesterday.



Wow! This distro is much older than I thought.


before Linux existed?!

Thats impressive :upside_down_face:


Geez where was i in 1920? Wasn’t that the GNU era?

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They spelled it NEW back then…

new is now old :grinning:
i think of RSM more often than Linus.
i dont know any of the politics but always feel that he is a hero.
i also think that he is under appreciated and can even go a step further and say disrespected.

he is the freedom warrior who thought for us when we never knew the shackles that corporations were tying us with.

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