A very newbie question about mount points

Are there any drawbacks to mounting an internal drive to /home/drivename for example, instead of under a user directory like /home/Me/drivename ?

And, are there any special benefits to making /home a partition of its own if I intend to mount data drives there? The data will be just as safe/unsafe if something were to go wrong with the system?

No, either is fine.

Eh, it depends? It really depends on your over layout. Generally, you want the root of /home and /home/$USER/.cache on fast storage. So if you are storing your data on slower storage, it is better to keep the root of /home on the faster storage.

Likewise, if the encryption is different between devices, that can cause you to make different decisions.

There shouldn’t be a difference unless the reliability of your underlying devices is different.

I have an SSD for the system (including home) and some “slow” HDDs for data and Wine prefixes, so I was planning to mount the HDDs to their respective directories under /home such as /drive1 and so on. So, if I do this then everything in /home would be on the SSD except for those directories where those extra drives are mounted?


Alright, thanks.

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