A useful video for Hybrid Nvidia graphic cards

@eric_adams made a video tutorial on how to switch on and off the Hybrid Nvidia card in your system:


Unfortunately, I can’t even get that far with Arch. When I install the Nvidia driver, gpu is GTX 970M, on my hybrid laptop, Asus Strix GL502VT, it causes the laptop to black screen, freeze at boot up or freeze at shutdown. I’ve tried installing manually and using the auto installation in the hardware manager.

When I use Ubuntu based distros, Such as Feren OS, it works without a hitch. Installation of Optimus or Prime is completely automated and works out of the box. I just don’t understand why this can’t be the case with Arch distros such as Manjaro, Endeavour or any other Arch based distros claiming to be noob friendly. Either, there is something funky with the GTX 970M gpu or I’m completely missing something. It was working fine until about a year ago. What changed that could have broken this?

Read this thread:

Your card uses the same driver, although I’m not entirely sure it will work with the tool described in the video.

As a side note: EndeavourOS isn’t noob friendly as in ready made solutions, we have a friendly community to help you on the way. :wink:


If you pick “Non-Free” when booting the live ISO for Manjaro, it installs the NVIDIA drivers automatically during the install.

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If you choose the Nvidia option in the EndeavourOS net installer it will give you the correct driver, at least it does in my case. Then I added bbswitch and optimus-manager-qt, configured like you saw in the video and done.

I would try editing the grub boot entry to add nomodeset just to see if that lets you boot. Or just use what work for now and maybe there will be a better solution. Like I mentioned in the video, I didn’t use Arch-based distros on this laptop because I could never quite get it to work as well as Ubuntu-based distros. This seems to have finally gotten me over that hurdle.

The 340xx driver isn’t officially supported anymore, so the installer will not recognize this card. That’s why I’m referring to that link, it is still maintained in the AUR.

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I understand that Endeavour os is not exactly noob friendly. That’s a good thing as they all can’t be. That’s one of the great things about linux, choice. :wink:

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According to Nvidia, the 970M is supported in the 440 driver. Is that what you are using? https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/156086/en-us

Edit: I’m not saying to download the driver from Nvidia…just that it show as supported.

Yes, the 440 driver. That’s why I’m so confused as to why it is such a problem. I’ve even tried different kernels.

I don’t understand coding so I don’t get why the driver manager in Ubuntu based distros works but Arch based driver manager doesn’t.

I did I say 340? I meant 440. Lol

Also my mistake, I saw this page:


So, I thought it was the 340xx driver.

Yes that is correct as the installer also specifies it can’t install legacy drivers.