A song that's very relatable to the world

I find my self in a curious situation. I would like to offer up a song, but I don’t want to put in the “What are you listening to right now” Topic as it would blow up a really good Topic.

For non US users, some background.

This guy is from the state of West Virginia, USA. The western part of West Virginia is in the Appalachian Mountains. If interested go to here
Life is tough there. He tried to get by but it just wasn’t working out and he turned to alcohol.

He got off alcohol and as I understand it he is currently living off the grid, and trying to raise some crops for food to be sustainable. One thing he has going for him is his music.

Some background of the song.
In West Virginia there is something called radiowv (radio West Virginia) that allows artists to post their music there. He put this song there, it was put on U-tube, and it blew up the internet. It got 20 million views in 7 days.

In American Rap music, there is a term called a “bar”. I am not a Rap expert, but from what I understand a bar is a verse, usually in two parts, where the two parts are a play on words that enables the singer to mention something or someone with out actually mentioning something or someone.

By that loose definition, the title of the song “Rich men north of Richmond” is a bar in itself.
If interested in the title, pull up a map of the US, go to the East Coast, and find the state of Virginia. In the northern part of the state is a city named “Richmond”. As the title suggests, go north a little way and well you will figure it out.

But one bar in the song needs a little explanation. The first part of the bar he mentions “miners” which refers to plight of coal miners in West Virginia. I think you can figure out the second part of the bar.

I saw that he was just offered a 8 Million dollar contract with a record label. He turned it down because he didn’t want to become what he was singing about.

The song has mild profanity, that and the topic makes this probably not work safe.

If interested, listen to the song, give it a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji, and then just let it go. Please don’t get me banned. :crossed_fingers: