A question about Clonezilla

I’m just trying to clone an hdd passing to a ssd.
I follow the documentation on its website but when I would select the boot mode (“To ram…”) this is not present in the list but “kms to ram”.
Being the computer not mine and saying that this is the first time I use Clonezilla, I’m afraid to erase the whole hard disk before cloning it or simply made the wrong thing. For Clonezilla, there is no active comunity but sourceforge and it does not answer to my question, either searching on web. For sure, documentation is not updated.
Is there anyone that experienced the same and had solved?
Thanks in advance.

Rescuezilla might be a more approachable of a tool than Clonezilla.

Have a look into into it if you want and do some research to see if it suits your needs.

Please note that this is only a suggestion and not a recommendation.

Here is also a video to see how it could look like:

This only means that clonezilla itself is being loaded to RAM and using kernel-mode-setting while doing it’s task on your machine. :wink: