A new introduction

Some of you might know me, this is a kind of re-introduction. In may I decided to say farewell to EndeavourOS, since I had a couple of issues. I thought that ARCH based distros were not my thing and I gave up and went back to Debian based distros. I requested deleting of my forum account here.

And now, 2 months later, I am back, with a new registered account, a some kind of second chance, and this time I think I won’t request deleting my forum account if I say farewell again.

With Debian I faced issues too, I was not really impressed the new way Ubuntu went, and not satisfied with Linux Mint 20, and trying out MX Linux gave also some issues. When I counted them, I might have had more issues than I had with EndeavourOS.

I am just a person who can be very critical, sorry about that. :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome back :smiley:

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I know what you mean - to some extent. Arch seems like extra work to get it right - but it seems to be more right when you have done so! I recently dumped MX off my main system because of bizarre issues (with Plank!) and the directions the other are going is a bit off-putting in some cases. Anyway -

Welcome back - and keep the bridges up! :grin:

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Welcome back @MiVo, you’re still welcome here as you might’ve noticed. :wink:


When issues are seen as a gift to learn, critical becomes an help !

Welcome back @MiVo to stick with us then thank you for letting EndeavourOS a second chance and for your honesty. :enos:

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Great to have you back here! :smile:

I don’t remember whether you asked here about the EndeavourOS issues, but all I can say is:
please don’t hesitate to ask!
There are so many great experts here that practically all questions will get useful answers. And remember, we all are learning along the way!


Your always welcome :slight_smile:
if you go further, just hang on and be patient :slight_smile:

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Welcome back. I have been using various GNU/Linux distributions for the past twelve years. Having tried over twenty of them, I have determined that, at least for me, EndeavourOS is the best.

It is my opinion that there is NO - repeat NO - computer operating system - NONE - which is “best” for all people. Some people will like one, others will like another, and there are some people who will not like any of them!

I think that those people in the last group are people who either refuse to learn or are incapable of learning how to use a computer. Certainly they can get their e-mails and they can buy things online but they either can’t or don’t want to actually use their computers.

Thus, when they run into a problem (and we ALL will from time to time), they blame the machine or operating system rather than their own lack of knowledge,

I myself “suffer” from an extreme lack of knowledge about computers but I do want to learn, at least about those things which directly impact me.

I have found that this forum is by far the best one I have experienced. I have asked many questions and have always received polite and helpful answers. That is one (only one) of the reasons that I find EOS to be the best distro for me. (Another reason I like EOS above all others is that EVERYTHING that I want or need to do on a computer works perfectly with this distro, something I could not say about any other one I had tried.)

I hope that you will find that my reasons for liking EOS are similar to what you want from a computer.

If so, I think that you will enjoy using EOS as much as I do.