A lot of noob questions about xfce, but I have fallen in love with Endeavour

This distro make me fall in love with linux again, and I’m a power windows user, I can’t completely get rid of it, but Endeavour is so nice to use. BUT I’m still a noob and I have a few questions, sorry for the wall of text:

I’m on EndeavourOS xfce

  1. How can I give lightDM the permission to read home folder? I can’t set up an avatar because of of this. Maybe there is a specifict folder?

  2. how can I chage xfce theme? It’s a bit strage that everything is dark (with taskbar violet) while the menu (the startmenu like on windows to be clear) is white :frowning:

  3. Is it right that XFCE don’t notify me when I press CAPS LOCK? It’s a bit annoying

  4. If i deselect Skype from start at boot, when I open it again, it will start on boot and I have to deselect it again, why?

  5. in xfce filemanager when I save an image from firefox I can’t see the thumbnail from other image in the same folder, is there something I do wrong?

  6. I’ve installed blueman, do I have to delete the previous bt manager that come installed with xfce?

  7. I use a lot dropbox, mega, pcloud and sync, do u advice me to use pkgs for everysingle service? or it’s better rsync/rclone (I don’t know the difference yet)?

Thank you in advance, I know that I’m asking a lot of help on this forum but I’m so happy that I’ve finally find a distro that is right for me.

Welcome to the forum and to EnOS.
I’m not an expert of xfce but I’ll try to answer at least at some of your questions.

  1. Generally for DM you should copy the image in their specific folder (i don’t know where the lightdm one is but a quick search should give you the answer)
  2. In the settings app you will find the option to change theme. If you want something else that the preinstalled ones search on xfce-look.org, you will surely find something of your liking
  3. Try to check Skype settings. Sometimes this kind of software have settings that override autostart
  4. Not necessarily but you have to disable is service and activate the blueman one. In the arch wiki about blueman you should find all the info needed.

Sorry for the other questions, someone else will surely give you help. :grin:

  1. Install tumbler for the thumbnails. I do installs in terminal.

    sudo pacman -S tumbler

  2. AFAIK bluetooth is disabled by default on EOS. You have to enable it. Have a look here.
    As long as it’s service is not enabled in systemd, it probably won’t bother, but I would deinstall the one I don´t use.

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Welcome to :enos: and forums.

XFCE is a simple DE that can be customized to your heart’s extent. I don’t know how much experience you have in Linux and DE’s. You said you’re a Windows power user so I would like to suggest you start with KDE. It’s much similar to Windows and it’s much more complete DE than XFCE.

  1. You can use mughshot to solve your image issue.

  2. It’s not a single click like in Windows. But you can change the styles by going to Start → Appearance → Style. From the same place, you can change the icons. Watch this video. It’s about Arch and XFCE customization. You can learn about XFCE customizing from there.

  3. Don’t think XFCE has a hook to identify that. And it doesn’t notify. But there seems to be a plugin here.

  4. I don’t know what you mean. I think it’s more of a skype problem than XFCE.

  5. Noe clear enough to answer. Do you mean while saving or after when you go to the folder?

  6. Best run 1. Too many might lead to issues.

  7. Your choice. Most of the clients for those services can be found in AUR. I use OneDrive and mega.

EDIT: Unlike Windows which runs service regardless of their usage. Linux doesn’t do that most of the stuff is in the system but is disabled. It’s up to the user to enable and set them to run if they want them to. That’s why Linux is more secure, stable (there more than just this), and fast.


Right, that too. I always forgot that!

One of its best features (not enabled). I run desktops, and my tablets can’t handle EnOS - so Bluetooth couldn’t be more useless… :grin: