A little joke on a regular day

Support: Please press Start then Settings then Display
Client: What now?
Support: What do you mean?
Client: My computer just shut down
Support: ? Which Start did you press?
Client: The one on the front



Be carefull. I don’t think you want to piss him off. That might be a flaming Q.


That will be because there are few women in the forum …


… a non-vegan here … by accident favourite mocha cookies happen to be vegan, though, lol; bought them without knowing that. :rofl: Om-nom-nom-nom.


What has that got to do with anything? I would like to remind you thhat everyone over here should feel welcome over here. So let’s not make these remarks about someone’s gender, beliefs, life style choices etc. even though it is meant as a joke.
May I all remind you of the this post I’ve published a month ago?


Even if they are vegans, crossfitters, AND use Arch? Ah, that limits the allowable fun considerably…


What’s the point of making that kind of remark? It is remarks like these that are creating an unwelcome atmosphere, something we want to avoid.
You can have fun without insulting other people.


The point of my remark is that it is funny. I guess not to you, I’m sorry. Well, you can then simply go ahead and delete 70% of this thread, because it’s mostly “I use Arch, BTW”. It’s a meme. There are about a hundred posts on that subject all over the forum. :roll_eyes:


I think that point is “vegans, crossfitters, AND use Arch” is very impossible combination, however i’d not be surprised of anything existing under the Sun :laughing:

Really it’s all of them is “I use Arch btw” style types, that’s pretty funny and shouldn’t be considered rude :slight_smile:


I was referring to the vegan part of that sentence.

How are vegans special?

To explain the joke: there is a stereotype that Arch users, vegans, and crossfitters often point out that they are Arch users, vegans or crossfitters, without being asked, often in contexts where this is not relevant. Of course, this stereotype is not generally true for neither Arch users, vegans or crossfitters, but it happens sufficiently that people recognise it and that jokes are made about it.


btw, on a serious note i myself don’t eat meat for something like 5 years…
Still that is super-funny to me to have a laugh on / with people who always tell everyone about it :upside_down_face:

It is really kinda like Arch, btw meme :slight_smile:
Part of our culture already :partying_face:

P.S. Before anyone asks - i do not do corssfit :rofl:


I rest my case :rofl:


Why do you turn things in a heavy discussion when things like this turn up? You can add annoyed smiley faces to me you want, but I want that everyone feels welcome over here and if you or other people can’t live with that, the internet is big enough to find the right place for you. And this is addressed to the whole community.

We’re working against the clock over here to maintain a distro and I really don’t like the direction the community is heading since this summer. I refuse to accept to let this kind of behaviour on the forum break our enthusiasm for this project.

Is it really so hard for everyone over here to show respect for each and everyone?


@Bryanpwo, I would appreciate you being a bit more direct, please. Are you really suggesting that my behaviour is making people unwelcome and that I am breaking the enthusiasm for the project of maintaining a Linux distro?

Because if you are, those are pretty strong words.

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When you target any group, you are making someone unwelcome. How do you not get this?


How direct can I be in this case?
I’m asking to stop some behaviour and you still keep going on at it.

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Well, if you honestly think that I am the problem here, then please delete my account. I don’t know what else to tell you. I don’t believe that I have offended anyone personally, targeted any protected group, said anything hateful or outrageous or worthy of such condemnation. I believe quite the contrary is true, I have been friendly to everyone, always lighthearted, and willing to help. But this is your house, and I am your guest, and it seems I have overstayed my welcome.


Hey, how about some beautiful things that I received from fortune command. :slightly_smiling_face:

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