A little help with paru

I have install several applications with paru from both the AUR and the Arch repos, but for the example on my terminal
[jr@jr-z68x ~]$ paru -S xfce4-sensors-plugin-nvidia
:: Resolving dependencies…
:: Calculating conflicts…
:: Calculating inner conflicts…

Repo Make (2) intltool-0.51.0-6 hddtemp-0.3.beta15.53-3
Aur (1) xfce4-sensors-plugin-nvidia-1.4.1-1

:: Proceed to review? [Y/n]: n
[jr@jr-z68x ~]$

I don’t know what to do, if I press “y” it will show the packages being downloaded and I don’t know what to do after that, I know that if I use “yay -S …” it will install the plugin and I’m done but I would like to know what I must do in this situation .

The process is

Do you want to review the PKG Build ?

If no, then you should not be installing it.

If yes, then here you go.

After you have looked at it …just hit ‘q’ and then you can proceed to install it

(I believe you can turn this ‘feature’ off in /etc/paru.conf)


Thank you very much

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