A little help with mounting drives


I have 5 drives in my computer

  1. NVME 500gb => Windows
  2. NVME 1TB => Stuff (ext4)
  3. 250GB SSD => EOS
  4. HDD 1TB => Stuff (ntfs)
  5. HDD 250GB => some “junk” files

When I installed EOS I didn’t had any partition on drive 2. I added it later and then I had to mount it so I can use it. There are few things I want to do but I don’t know how.

On this screenshoot you can see current config

Few questions about it…

  1. Under devices I have “Basic data partition” which is Windows drive and If I click on it I need to insert root password before I can use it. However, I don’t want to see that windows drive. How I can remove it?

  2. 1 TB HDD with ntfs partition which I have it for stuff I need under windows. When I click on it I need to insert root password before I can use it. Do I have to add it to fstab, so I don’t need to insert password?

  3. is this normal that I need to insert password for all drives with NTFS filesystem?

  4. Disk 5 is already mounted, probably because it was there when I installed EOS. How is that disk mounted because I can’t see it in fstab?

  5. I mounted disk 2 with fstab to one folder. Is there a way to list it under “devices” like other drives?

  6. In fstab (line 13) I mounted one drive, how important are those “options”? I didn’t quite understand them and it seems that it works fine.

Thank you for all help. Maybe some other questions will follow.

I’m going to link to this first,


rather than answering each question in turn; much of the information you are looking for is on that page.


thanx, I’ll check it out. I was searching here for the solution.

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If you add the drives to fstab, they will automatically mount at boot and you won’t need to enter the root password to access them.

I often add the nofail option, so that if I remove the disk from the system, things just work

I managed to add all drives I needed but I still don’t know how to prevent some to even show up? Do I need to mount drive I don’t want with fstab and then somehow hide it?

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I want to remove this drive, so I don’t see it and it doesn’t ask me for password each time I restart my PC.


Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

you can use the noauto option - then if and when you need to access it you can mount the target location