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As I told you in my first post, in which I revealed some facts about myself, I am an openSUSE user for quite some years now. Because the release announcements of the upcoming version 15.2 are, at least in my opinion, very interesting and promising, I wanted to share those with you, in case someone wants to test it either as a native installation or in a virtualized environment.
Due to all the Corona/Covid-19 problems the release unluckily had to be postponed. It was intended to be released in the middle of May. Now it hopefully will be puplicly available in the beginning of June.
If someone is interested and wants to test it earlier I can give you a link to an ISO, which ist very close, if not even identical, to the upcoming release.
The download link in the announcement still leads to an ISO image of openSUSE 15.1.

English :
Release announcement openSUSE 15.2

German (which was translated by a guy from our forum; he is quite active in the wiki and wine stuff) :
Veröffentlichungsankündigung openSUSE 15.2


Out of curiosity, what pieces of that are especially interesting? I read through it all but I mostly see packages being added to the repos which we have long had access to in the AUR and package versions being updated to versions older than we already have over here.

I used to be a SUSE guy but I haven’t been following it that actively for quite some time.

As you surely know, as an experienced Linux user, there is a difference between installing packages and configuring services or applications. I’m really interested in how these services are set up/configured by default. As you know the company behind SuSE is not just playground. SLES/SLED are one of the leading OSs when it’s up to servers and development. The collaboration between openSUSE and SuSE has really become close, so the community project gets a lot of professional input from the company. That is the reason why I dare to say that the stable/regular version of openSUSE ist one of the most reliable , if not the most reliable, distributions out there you can get. At least when you want to have some kind of up to date versions of your software.
And I explictly wrote “in my opinion”. One does not have to share it.