A curiosity about Debian & application panel "jump list"

Debian 12.6 rolls out

and watchin’ that news I rememeber why I don’t use Debian or Debian based distro on my 2 laptops (I only use arch distro like EndeavourOS, CachyOs and Garuda) and could be a stupid thing but I was not able to solve the issue on Debian so I don’t use it.
On KDE (that is my DE) on every Debian distro if I right-click on Firefox icon placed on the application panel it does not have “open in incognito mode” and other application placed on the panel have some entries missed when right-clicking.
This not happen on arch based distros or linux Mint (or LMDE that use cinnamon).
I don’t find a solution for that issue that could be stupid but get me far from trying debian anymore.
Is normal, debian KDE don’t have some entries available right-clicking the icon? Or there is a trick to solve?

One might think that people over at: https://forums.debian.net/ may be best suited to answer your question but there may be some EnOS’ forumers well-versed in things Debian who perhaps could assist you.


I suspect, though I’m not completely sure, that those options correspond to Desktop Actions in the .desktop file. Try comparing /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop between distros that behave differently, and if that seems relevant try copying one into ~/.local/share/applications/firefox.desktop on another, modifying exec paths as needed.

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Debian’s running on two of my computers. Pretty sure the issue is with Plasma itself or how it was packaged. It’s easy to create a custom launcher in Cinnamon and XFCE.