A couple questions if I may

The system is very much a default vanilla install and configured with Cinnamon. One issue I’m having is figuring out how to stop and start the sound system/driver/service. I have an onboard audio, which works fine and I have a SoundBlaster G6. It seems that when I plug in the G6, and I look in the audio system settings, I can see the G6 appear and disappear about every 2 seconds on the output device list. I figured I needed to stop the sound system before I plugged in the G6. Seems like there could be some contention between the onboard sound and the USB G6.

Secondly, could someone point me to the resource where I can find out how to display a different background on each monitor.

Thank you in advance.

Ever tried nitrogen?

According to a reddit,

To have it work on startup with the previous settings add to the startup applications nitrogen --restore with at least 1s delay (log out and back in to test).

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I have not, but I will now. Thank you.

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I guess you figured right. Sound services on linux don’t appear to be plug-and-play, just like M$. :wink:

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The easiest thing you can do to avoid conflicts with the onboard sound is to disable the soundchip completely in the BIOS. I did that as well (I use a USB DAC).

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I may have to do that. I was just wondering if there was a way to auto-switch between the two. I have the system setup with the onboard sound going to a 5.1 system. I usually use the G6 for headphone use. I know my windozeness is showing. I’m a little more advanced than that tho. :wink: