A couple of "glitches" I need to work out

First off, I can’t see recent applications anymore in Application Dashboard. They were there until they weren’t just out of the blue.



Does anyone know what could have happened?

Check your current Activity, does it keep track of recent programs and files?

(System Settings → Workspace Behaviour → Activities → Privacy)

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Thanks @Kresimir for the reply!

I had in effect set the privacy to “Do not remember”. Changed it back to remember “For all applications”. Also for each specific activity, I made sure that the box: “Do not track usage for this activity” is unchecked.

Still no show for Recent Application :pensive:
Logout login had no effect either.

I can’t even figure out where you get these panels from. :laughing:

Edit: You must be using an alternate application launcher?

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I get good help from my gnomie friends :rofl:


Not on Plasma now, so I go by heart: right click on the panel > edit panel > right click on the app launcher’s icon > show alternatives > switch

You mean Gnomenemies …!! :mage:

Found out the reason: if added to “Favorites” an application won’t show under “Recent applications” which makes sense. Sort of? :thinking:

Ok, here comes another one:

Do you know if it is possible to sort .folders after the normally visible folders when you press Ctrl+h in Dolphin?

I think I have gone through most of the settings but we are talking Plasma here :wink:

If you right-click in the folder view, there is a sort option. Not sure it’ll give you exactly what you are looking for, but you might play with it (if you haven’t already).

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Thanks for the reply! I have gone through the sort option but unfortunately there isn’t such an option in there. It’s not a “deal-breaker” issue but it takes always a second to get oriented what I am looking for in there. Personally, I would have preferred
to have all the .files/.folders after the “normal” ones.


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Screenshot from 2021-08-18 19-06-17

This is how I would have liked to be able to sort the folders in Dolphin. The picture is from Nemo.

There’s a new config option coming Dolphin 21.12, it looks like it might do what you want. It shouldn’t be too long before it hits.

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Thanks @Stagger_Lee for posting that!

It does look promising so hopefully it will add the option.

I guess we have just to wait to see how that “show folders first” will behave:

Screenshot from 2021-08-18 19-36-45

I’m hopefull :smiley:

Thanks again!

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If you’d like to read some discussion on the upcoming change (it’s kind of interesting, I think, but I’m kind of odd and easily amused :laughing:):

They even reference how Nemo handles this in the comments.

From what I can tell, the option will allow sorting (in this order) visible folders, visible files, hidden folders, and hidden files. So it may not be quite exactly what you’re hoping for, but it’s a start.

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Sounds like a good time to weigh-in with a feature request to the developers to ask for exactly what you want to be added to the development roadmap.


As long as they are sorted after the visible ones, I’m fine with it.
Interesting discussion by the way. I tend to agree with Gaston Haro.

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