A confession of a serial desktop swapper

I have come to confess that I cannot stick to one DE. The problem with having too much good EnedeavourOS?
The only real issue I face with swapping daily between Cinnamon, XFCE, and Plasma, is that for my password handling in Vivaldi / Thorium / etc, the passwords don’t stick. I use SDDM as the display manager, because it’s been less problematic than lightdm. Would a password manager help at all?

In such situations, I do think that a password manager or a FIDO key (such as nitrokey, solokey or yubikey) would help for applications, that is.

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Why not use Bitwarden?


What, for you, usually determines if you log into a particular DE?

Mood, phases of the moon, tolerance levels, and awareness of the idiosyncracies of each DE :grin:

XFCE when I just want it to work, but don’t care overly about the eye candy.
Cinnamon when I want eye candy and instability.
Plasma when I want more eye candy and all the adventure of driving off a cliff. ( Admittedly it’s a bit more sane these days, even in 6 )


Apart from Xfce, the other two reasons are hilarious. :laughing:

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Yup, I’m weird. Totally cool with that.

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dear weirdo.
not a serial swapper…until last year…early, my long time indy distro went code black. she was my first and only love. dead (drunk dev or something). had to kiss a lot of pigs. and by that I mean debian derivatives…and cool sh*t so small it wouldn’t accomodate a printer. Kinda punk rock in spirit until you realize you needed to get crap done…

don’t worry we are getting to your question.

my big love Indy came back. With a vengeance.
In the meantime I met so many interesting distros. Deb and deb mindset still invokes puke but Fedora was nice. Suse stunningly visual with nothing underneath. Mageia and Bodhi and Venom and Bunsen way awesome too. But Endeavour rose above all of them.

So I realized----yeah we are getting to your question–you just can’t have one. You need insurance in the linux world. My Darling Indy released an XFCE so I like that. Endeavour Budgie and Indy Flag are my day to day.

So…to answer your question. EACH distro and/or DE has KeepassXC. And in each distro and/or DE I DO NOT HAVE an internet extension linking automatically the website to the password on the HDD.

Each KeepassXC has a copy of the same .kdbx file.

Master mods are done on the flagship kbdx.

Yes this is still about your question. I realized just from experience that sometimes extensions are the weakest part of the browser…

…so same password manager, with the same offline kbdx file, each linux then a simple copy/paste between offline password mananger and browser login.
edit: signed, bigger weirdo :grinning:

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Thank you for your honest self-reflection. Do you think we need to start a support group? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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I currently use two desktop environments, too, as I slowly phase out Plasma in favour of dwm.