6.1.0-zen1-1-zen: saa7146 and ttpci drivers removed

I am owner of a SAA7146 DVB-S card and it is (better: WAS…) working perfectly. With update to kernel 6.1.0-zen1-1-zen today the card stops working and it seems that this is the reason: SAA7146 and ttpci drivers will be removed

Is there any simple possibility (without rebuilding the kernel after each update) to regain these modules? I remember (long, long ago…) that it is possible to rebuild specific modules without compiling the whole kernel… I dont want to follow the “throw-away-working-devices-philosophy” - that’s one (of hundreds) reason I am using Linux…

use linux-lts for that ? mean time you have one year the time for other solutions :slight_smile:

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And you know frankly, there is no compelling reason to keep tracking the kernel if everything was working perfectly on an older system. In the case of security related issues, you mostly just need to worry about a good firewall in front of the system in a home environment.
It is if possible a new driver that supports those devices will become available if enough people still have them. Wait and see as Ringo said.

I must think next days about all. The old card does not support S2 (HD) - so maybe a newer one would be an acceptable solution. Before this pops up I have not thought about that.

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