5.7 Kernel version experience

It was as if I had read somewhere that there were stability fixes in the 5.7 Kernel. I am currently booting my machine with the 5.7-3 Kernel and I do not notice any random freezes while browsing, so the above may be true.
Who has any experience with this?

I have to say that I’m not a fan of this 5. 7.x kernel. I have one machine that won’t recognize fallocate -created /swapfile and I have another machine that won’t boot through the encrypted partition at all (as of today’s release of 5.7.3).

Fortunately, both machines work fine with the LTS kernel and LTS headers, so I’ll just wait out the anticipated kernel patches.

My 2 cents…

Kernel 5.8 would be a big step.

but some months to wait :slight_smile:

I’ve had to use LTS Kernel on my HP desktop since May due to freezes that have occurred before, but much less frequently. Sure, there were bug fixes in the 5.7 Kernel, and that’s exactly what’s causing you problems. Let’s say I don’t use a swap file, I use a partition. I’ll look at my other machine, which is a Thinkpad.

And as far as I know, he is no longer the main kernel developer.

I have had zero problems with 5.7.2 or 5.7.3 on my Thinkpad.

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I got a freeze during start up on 5.7.3 yesterday, so I’m on lts right now.

he stepped out a bit, a break but he is back he stil one of de cores of development of the kernel, more people are working on it offcourse, its not a one man show :slight_smile:

Then it’s reassuring. We will see in the long run how stable it is.

Didn’t you have such a problem with the 5.6 series? Interesting.

No such problems with the 5.6.

There may be a problem with systemd.

I run Zen, but I have zero issues with 5.7.2-Zen
I have not booted into 5.7.2-Arch yet, I just use it as backup so I can’t give a statement about that unfortunately.

My system not booting after updating 5.7.3. I tried to Install Lts kernel still not booting. How to stick with 5.7.2.

I also read that after upgrading to 5.7.3 Kernel, it is not possible to log in to the Xfce desktop. I don’t know if the two are related. For me, kernels before 5.7.3 had freezes specifically while browsing.

Is your machine not booting? Maybe the current systemd version is a problem? Where is the process stuck? What is an error message?

Please seen my separate thread in this issue. I have just sorted out after booting USB and installed Lts kernel. Still I had booting issue. By luck, I have checked Grub4dos menu entry. Where problem lies. Still it was loading 5.7.3. I have added Lts to entry. The laptop booted. I am very much excited because I am a layman.

kernel 5.7.4 fixed the problem over here. (not booting)

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For what it’s worth, I just updated from 5.7.2-arch1-1 (was having no issues) to 5.7.4-arch1-1 and am still seeing no issues. Using Xfce the whole time.

No issues with the 5.7.3 kernel.