5.11.1-1 Kernels - Stuck at Loading Initial Ramdisk

linux-lts 5.10.17-1 boots fine, but both linux-zen 5.11.1.zen1-1 and linux 5.11.1.arch1-1 boot hangs on Loading inital ramdisk ....

AMD Ryzen system with Rx590 GPU.

Anyone else?

Virtualbox systems boot fine with 5.11 … hmmmm.

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5.11.0-zen has been working fine on several of my systems, 5.11.1-lqx is working OK on two. I haven’t tested 5.11.1-zen.

Let me do some rebooting.

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Initially I thought this might be a 5.11 mkinitcpio-30 initrd compression related issue, but all Virtualbox systems and bare metal LTS booting fine.

How does one debug a situation where the initrd does not even load?

Only kernel parameter that is non standard is disabling iommu.

Can confirm linux=5.11.1.arch1-1, linux-zen=5.11.1.zen1-1, linux-lqx=5.11.1.lqx1-1 all boot on my Ryzen laptop (1700 + RX580)

Still possible. Have you checked for pacnew, and your configured /etc/mkinitcpio.conf COMPRESSION, and maybe tried a mkinitcpio -p linux-zen ?

Pacnew had nothing requiring change.

Missing firmware module warning running encrypt hook only appears for 5.11.

-> Running build hook: [encrypt]
=> WARNING: Possibly missing firmware for module: qat_4xxx

But VBox systems boot with this warning.

Must be hardware related I’ll try enabling amd_iommu.

Any way of getting log entries when boot hangs so early?

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Now I have to wait and see if intermittent system freezes begin occurring again on wake with iommu enabled.

Disabled iommu in BIOS instead, no issues so far.

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I have the same RX 590 graphics card and Ryzen 3800x processor. It’s an MSI X570 board. I will see tonight when I get home after 11.

Edit: No issues booting or running on 5.11 kernel