5.10 mainline kernel, openssh and swapfile

Started playing with the 5.10 kernel after reading a couple of articles late yesterday. But it will not activate my swapfile and actually destroys it, it will not work with other kernels and I have to delete and recreate.

Also the openssh daemon fails to run. Very strange, so thought I would report :smiley:


5.10 is currently only available as the first RC, so you should expect things to break.


IMO everything before rc4 or so can be very quirky.
Still nice to play around with it :wink:

Any noticeable performance improvements compared to 5.9 on your benchmark so far?

I’m not touching 5.10 before rc4 :slight_smile:
It will be an LTS kernel, so I will surely test it in due time.


I’ll wait on Arch to implement 5.10. I am looking forward to a new LTS though. How it performs remains to be seen. I’ve had no problems with the latest kernels, but I am running Intel integrated graphics on both my Endeavour machines so I guess that’s pretty easy going. Hopefully next year when I can afford to bring my “Big Desktop Computer” back to life (failed motherboard) with both AMD CPU and discrete GPU I will be able to assess things better. Of course if I win the Lottery before that… :smile: