5.10.5 + plus NVidia update thanks devs

Brief note to thank the devs for this latest. System is an Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mk 1 I7-4790 running (post update) 5.10.5-arch1 Plasma 5.20.5 bare metal. Graphics is NVidia GE-730 w/NVidia 460.32.03. When I saw the updates I rebooted into RL3, pacman -Syyu installed everything without any problem. Booted up into the new kernel beautifully.

Thanks devs & hope everyone has a great weekend…


I wish to add my thanks as well. This combination of kernel and the nVidia driver fixed the “sluggishness” and instability issues I was having with my Asus FX504GD laptop. With this update, I was able to go back to using the Zen kernel instead of the LTS kernel. The difference in scheduling between the two kernels is night and day.