5.1 Audio with AMD A320 chipset possible?

I have an AMD A320 with Ryzen 3 3200g as my desktop. EOS runs on top. I can get 2.0 audio out through the green jack.

The question is whether I can get 2.1 or 5.1 ? Can the other 2 jacks deliver the other channels? If so, what is the way to do so in EOS?

Should be able to. I have a B450 with a basic audio chipset and only the 3 outputs, and was able to remap everything to have 5.1 audio. However, I did it in Debian, not EnOS. I took the easy way also, and used the alsa-tools-gui package to do it. Not sure if there’s a package that provides that same thing in EnOS or not, but it’s possible via config files as well (and cleaner looking in the menu), I just didn’t feel like doing it that way. Sorry can’t be a bit more specific help.

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Thanks a lot!