4 Machines, but only 1 gave me a pgp update error

This is only an informational post mostly, but if someone has an answer for the reason, it’s good too.

Out of four machines running Endeavour, This weeks major update, 3 machines update with no problems, Number four being a laptop I might boot once a month.

Machine number 3 however, nothing really special installed, but it was the only one to give a PGP corrupted DB error.

To fix the error, I clicked on update mirrors, added Canadia, and it fixed it and I could update the machine.

All 4 machines running Plasma, I only thought it odd that that machine had the issue but none of the others, and said machine is updated same time as two others, so I only thought it odd is all and got me thinking out loud.

but :face_with_monocle: you do not sync all settings and changes even to all machines?

hopeful not a corrupted db… would be a little challange to rebuild this…
If you are talking about pgp error corrupted file error this can be caused by this lately keyserver problens with public keyservers used by pacman ?