3D Blender Question

Hello everyone,
Last night, I downloaded Endeavor OS, booted it on my workstation and loved it!

Can a Blender user confirm if eevee and GPU work as expected? Thanks! - v

I don’t have time to answer all your questions :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh, you edit your question.

If you installed EnOS where is the problem to install Blender and test.

If I say it work and on your PC it doesn’t, what is your next question?

ahhh, and welcome :slight_smile:

hello ,we need to know your pc config, to be able to respond to your gpu

Thanks guys,
I’ll be a bit more specific. Right now, I have months worth of tweaks but am not 100% happy with the distro. Blender is my main tool and some Linux distros do install it but GPU rendering is not an option.

When I install EOS, and then add blender (or check it during install Calamaris) will I also need the 2Gig Cuda library like in Manjaro?
Switching distro is a big decision but if I have Blender up and running rather quickly, then it would be worth the time.
If it matters, I’d be using XFCE. - v

I think it is 4.3 gb and no

yes, i simplified to focus on just Blender. Do you use Blender with EOS or another distro?

Yes, Manjaro, Garuda , all fine with GTX 1060 6 GB

OK so to be clear. I “check” Blender during the initial install and won’t need the Cuda monster.
ArcoLinux works that way and Blender is ready to roll upon installing (without the Cuda dependency).
KaOS, just to provide an example, won’t let me configure GPU rendering at all.

Awesome! I will back up my configurations and try EOS. The live-boot experience was amazingly fast. :slight_smile:


YES! THAT is exactly what I need. Thank you for making the screenshot. :slight_smile:

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