3 systemd-boot questions

1: how to disable ipv6?
i tried ‘echo ‘ipv6.disable=1’ | sudo tee /etc/kernel/cmdline’ and followed up with a ‘sudo reinstall-kernels’ but i was left with an unbootable system (error msg: a start job is running for /dev/gpt-auto-root - it never finishes)

2: how do i make linux default on the systemd-boot screen if linux-lts is installed?

3: how do i remove windows from the systemd-boot screen (not terribly important)

this is a new install, plasma,dracut, systemd-boot, ext4, luks

Well…yeah, you overwrote your cmdline with only ipv6.disable=1. That would definitely break it. You need to edit the file and add that to the end of the line.

Use wildcard in /efi/loader/loader.conf. If you share the output of ls /efi/loader/entries I can help with that.

Add the line auto-entries no in /efi/loader/loader.conf

1: that was terribly stupid of me.
add to end of line, not new line?



3: thanks!
so thats where the timeout is hiding too

should i run sudo reinstall-kernels after any of these?


Change the default line in /efi/loader/loader.conf to this:

default af197517a7264663a8016d9a3dd06efa*arch?-?.conf

When you change /etc/kernel/cmdline, yes. For the changes to /efi/loader/loader.conf, no.

thank you very much good sir

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