2nd Monitor No Longer Working on Optimus Laptop

Hello, I recently installed EndeavourOS earlier today off of the Nvidia live-boot environment, and my laptop and external monitor both worked perfectly fine. I then attempted to update the Nvidia drivers and other programs such as PRIME and Optimus manager, and after a reboot with these programs, the 2nd monitor ceased to detect any signal from my laptop, no matter what graphics mode it was in. I then tried wiping all those programs and using different DE’s to no avail. Even on a live-boot of installation media, the monitor will not detect any input. I’ve tested both HDMI, DisplayPort, and other devices and have proved this isn’t an issue with the monitor, but my Nvidia GPU is just refusing to give signals to my external monitor now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I feel I’ve hit a brick wall here. Thanks.

These programs have installation and usage instruction. Follow those and I am sure you will find what you did wrong on installation.
Without any technical info or logs, nobody can help you remotely, since our Magic Crystal Ball is away for maintenance and refurbishment. :mage: