20 seconds boot, freeze, reboot

Hi, bit of an odd one. I was tinkering with virt-manager settings and trying to add a physical drive to my virtual machine when the whole OS froze, then rebooted.
Now everytime I boot up endevour it boots, 10-20 secs later it freezes, then reboots. The whole pc does not power cycle, it seems maybe more like a kernel panic maybe? I didn’t rename or delete anything which is the odd part, all I did was remove a pool from virt-manager before it started.
I have tried to access DMESG but I just get barely enough time for a quick glimpse before it reboots.
I have tried alternative kernels just in case with no luck.
I also tried checking temps, all at a reasonable 60 degs.
Also booted into my other windows drive just fine.
I also cant appear to type in single user mode, not frozen but even plugging in an external keyboard doesnt allow interaction.

Any ideas?