2 OS 2 different m.2 drives

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I have encountered a situation where I need to have proper access to a bare metal linux install i’ve always preferred arch-based distro’s as they just feel nice if that makes sense.
Anyway I’ve decided to install a 2nd m.2 drive on my laptop 1 for windows with the new one for Endeavour OS.
My question is I am after having endevour install without touching the other m.2 drive, not the windows boot loader or anything and I’ll just boot priority override on start-up to switch to the os i wish to load. During install which is the best method to ensure that this happens?

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You can choose the second disk in the installer for EnOS.
It won’t be touching your first with Windows.

For being 100% on the safe side, you could also just disconnect you Windows disk before installation of EnOS.

After the installation, you would have the possibility to make boot both of your system via Grub. Or simply disable os-prober in EnOS so that it won’t be scanning for other systems to be added to the Grub’s boot menu.

Hope this is somewhat clear. In case of doubt, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Be sure to select the correct disk for the EFI partition:



In similar situations, this :point_up_2: is what I do. Absolutely fool proof, and I am the perfect fool to prove it.


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I did notice the select a drive option during installation but I’ve worked with computers enough to realise sometimes the option isn’t as simple as that as depending on how its programmed it still may do something unexpected hence the double checking.

I may remove my windows drive during setup just to be sure its not hard both m.2 drives are side by side on my laptop’s motherboard so easy enough to do I always forget how small them things are XD. How drive technology has improved over the years.

A Further question if you don’t mind, I’ve had to disable bitlocker and secure boot to allow me to do this, I’ve seen info online saying endeavour OS doesn’t support secure boot is this still the case now?
I’m asking as it would be nice since its a laptop to re-enable this once both operating systems are installed

EndeavorOS doesn’t support secureboot out of the box.

Unless you implement it yourself, you won’t be able to enable it post install.