144 hz Screens run at lower refresh rate when 60 hz screen is connected

I have a setup with 2 x 144 hz Screens. But i would like to use a 3. screen which supports only 60 hz.
When i connect and enable it in the display settings i visually see that the refresh rate of the 2 x 144 hz screens is reduced. I see it specially when i move windows.

Only when i connect the 60 hz screen the 144 hz screens stop running at 144 hz.
But the settings display 144 hz
I already had this on windows and read that this was a windows problem :stuck_out_tongue:
I got a RX 5700X GPU. The displays are connected via dp and hdmi.

Anyone got an idea on this issue?

Get another 144 hz monitor?

Switch to wayland if your DE supports it. You can also configure your 60 Hz monitor as a seperate screen but this way you wonโ€™t be able to move windows between 60 Hz and any 144 Hz monitors.

Do your screens have a GSync/FreeSync feature?
If so try to disable it in the monitor settings to see if itโ€™s better.