14% installation stop

I wanted to install Endeavour OS on my PC, but installation stopped at 14%.
MBR - /Dev/sda2 with windows 7
/Dev/sda1 with windows recovery
/Dev/sda3 - swap
/Dev/sda4 - Linux
CPU - Intel core 2 duo E6550 (2)
GPU - Nvidia GeForce 6600
RAM - 1977 MB
Installation type - Tried online and offline
What I should do?

welcome at the forum…

  1. Are you using the latest ISO?
  2. how do you “burn” the installation media (USB) ?
  3. what is shown inside debug terminal when it stops? does it give any error popup?
  4. provide install log … from log tool button on panel, or create a pastebin URL in terminal:
    cat ~/endeavour-install.log | eos-sendlog
  5. 2GB of RAM is a bare minimum, same for the CPU.
  1. Yes
  2. EtchDroid, because I don’t have any system on my PC
  3. Pacman log shows “synchronizing package list” and it’s all
  4. https://clbin.com/G6o9R
  5. I know, but endeavour is a best alternative to Arch, Arch stopped starting after the update and even reinstalling did not help

Looks like the installer is doing alright. It might be that you need to give it more time?

yes log does not show anything failing, you could try using manually updating mirrors before starting install from update mirrors button in welcome app… and adding some nearby countries plus the HTTP protocol … could be simply slow mirror used…

 iptables-1:1.8.7-1-x86_64 downloading...
 kbd-2.4.0-2-x86_64 downloading...
 libelf-020:16:57 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide
20:17:27 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide
20:17:57 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide
20:18:27 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide
20:18:57 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide
20:19:27 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) Next slide

looks like connection is slowed down

It didn’t help, it was still 14%. It’s okay, I’ll just install Manjaro