12 Biggest Linux Stories of the Year 2021

For me it’s 13, the author forgot about Endeavour’s Rise

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  1. Windows 11.

One of the top 12 biggest things about Linux is a story about Windows. Oy. It’s definitely interesting to recap the year. Another year I can’t wait to forget until we return to complete normalcy.


You might need to forget a large chunk of your life, as maybe the old normalcy might never come back.

Actualliy, I’m only waiting on work. I’ve already made the conscious decision in my personal life, things are actually 100% back to normal. I’m very close thankfully! We just be careful about what we do and where we go to keep normalcy. There’s thankfully A LOT of restaurants, stores, events, etc that no one cares about masks and we can live life like it’s 2019 again. For the last 6-8 months we just pick things to do that allow us to live life normal, and it’s been incredibly liberating. It allows me to be free and be excited about life and the future. It’s just incredible to be out with people and remember how social humans are. Work is work though. I can’t wait until that 50-80 hours a week gets back to normal finally. That’ll be an incredible weight off of things.

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its here:


Let’s go through this article, I’m sure it will be great…

1. Stallman comes back

That’s good news, I guess. Though, the net effect is zero, a wrong was righted, no net positive (except maybe lessons learnt for FSF).

2. Arch Linux introduces an installer

Arch does not need an installer – we already have EndeavourOS, the best Arch installer.

3. Microsoft Edge browser comes to Linux

Thanks Micro$oft, I hate it. More proprietary spyware for Linux, great. Micro$oft is getting too friendly with Linux, it stinks of EEE.

4. Rise of CentOS replacements

That’s a good thing, of course, but just like point #1, it only (partially) rights a wrong. Very little net positive here. I do hope these new distros have a great future, time will tell.

5. Steam Deck

I’ll believe it when I see it. So far, the only thing Steam Deck has delivered is hype.

6. Anti-Cheat Engines officially supporting Linux

Next year, we’ll maybe get DRM rootkits on Linux, too.

7. GNOME 40


8. NTFS Support in Kernel 5.15

More filth in an already bloated kernel. Why? Because it makes it easier for people to dual boot malware, of course!

9. Linux is 30 years old

Yeah, Lunduke has been pointing that out for the last 30 years or so.

10. Linus Tech Tips’s experiments with Linux desktop

I wish he didn’t. I haven’t even heard of this guy before, now I can’t open my fridge without him popping out of it.

11. Linux on Apple’s M1 Macs

I’m sure it’s a great idea to spend resources supporting overpriced, unrepairable, crappy hardware. Let it bloat!

Oh yeah, btw, screw that giraffe…

12. Windows 11 release

I don’t even remember what the title of this article was (and neither does the author), but I’m done with it, it’s crap.


Sounds like the year came perilously close to peeing in your pond! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… :partying_face:


That’s almost exactly what i was thinking while reading it



Nah i dont believe that. The bigger reason would be because the most SmartTVs, Digicams, Bluerayplayers and everything else what accept a USB Connection only supports NTFS and sometimes exfat too.

  1. Noodly finally stops distro hopping, puts his slippers on, lights his pipe and settles in to EndeavourOS Plasma. :grin:

Steam should also add to the hype that first game you will be able to run on it will be Half-Life 3. :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That is not for dual boot. It is for single boot malware which now supports running linux kernel as its subsystem. :star_struck:

Not an expert, but don’t they usually all support FAT32 and/or exFAT? At least I can’t remember ever using any device that only supported NTFS but no kind of FAT.

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I liked this quote:

Heck, the clue is in the name: EndeavourOS is a Linux distro that’s all about the journey. If regular Arch is a weekend dropped into the wilderness, EndeavourOS is more akin to a backpacking trip with a map and a few directions: you can explore all of the same places, you just have more of a structure in place to guide you to them.


Agreed, some of us never left “normalcy” :grin:

As far as Linux goes I’m back home… to Cinnamon :grin:


Yes. Devices that 10 Years and older. But today the most have Movies/Files that mostlikely bigger as 4GB :slight_smile: And sure they support as legacy reasons fat32. But today, if you let a 4k digicam format a SD-Card, they format it ntfs or exfat.

I really like something that everyone is doing. Cinnamon is just fantastic. It’s imo the most bug free. I called it home for a very long time and always love going back.

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Whats your daily driver now?

I’ve been using KDE for almost a year everday (birthday is 1/7).


Very nice!

Cinnamon is also my favourite and it’s a good middle ground between XFCE and KDE.

Also very stable.